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No. 1 Mackenzie FoleyNo. 2 Jack HollandNo. 3 James TruemanNo. 4 Jerome Jayaguru
No.1 Mackenzie FoleyNo.2 Jack HollandNo.3 James TruemanNo.4 Jerome Jayaguru

• Danny & Calli Smith
All the best for the season.

• Martin and Ashleigh Spink

Colin Tarry & Tina Phillips

The Bed Post

Karen & Kevin Morris

No. 5 Ryan MahalNo. 6 Tom AshNo. 7 James DyerNo. 8 James Miles
No.5 Ryan MahalNo.6 Tom AshNo.7 James DyerNo.8 James Miles

Sam, Leah & Lee

Brian Silk

The Bed Post

Amanda Wayment

No. 9 Louie ClarkeNo. 10 Harry TaylorHarrison CarnegieSam Smith
No.9 Louie ClarkeNo.10 Harry TaylorNo.11 Harrison CarnegieNo.12 Sam Smith

Tom Deveney

Kay Deveney

FA Albin & Sons
George GoodwinAaron JeffreyNo. 16 Jamie MillerOmotunmise Akanni
No.14 George GoodwinNo.15 Aaron JeffreyNo.16 Jamie MillerNo.17 Omotunmise Akanni

Lucas & Liam Spink

Calum McGeehanJason Goodchild 2022/23Jack KirbyNo. 15 Ladic Melconian
No.18 Calum McGeehanNo.20 Jason GoodchildNo.21 Jack Kirby22. Ladic Melconian

North Stand Ultras

No. 23 Ollie MiltonJake LovellTed GreenMustapha Amodu
23. Ollie MiltonNo.24 Jake LovellNo.25 Ted GreenNo.26 Mustapha Amodu

Callum & Hetty