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No. 1 Mackenzie FoleyNo. 2 Jack HollandNo. 3 James TruemanNo. 4 Jerome Jayaguru
No.1 Mackenzie FoleyNo.2 Jack HollandNo.3 James TruemanNo.4 Jerome Jayaguru

• Danny & Calli Smith
All the best for the season.

• Martin and Ashleigh Spink

Colin Tarry & Tina Phillips

The Bed Post

Karen & Kevin Morris

No. 5 Ryan MahalNo. 6 Tom AshNo. 7 James DyerNo. 8 James Miles
No.5 Ryan MahalNo.6 Tom AshNo.7 James DyerNo.8 James Miles

Sam, Leah & Lee

Brian Silk

The Bed Post

Amanda Wayment

No. 9 Louie ClarkeNo. 10 Harry TaylorNo. 11 Henry ArnoldSam Smith
No.9 Louie ClarkeNo.10 Harry TaylorNo.11 Henry Arnold
"What a guy!"
No.12 Sam Smith

Tom Deveney

Kay Deveney

Lucas & Liam Spink

FA Albin & Sons
Joe BirminghamLee BirdNo. 16 Jamie MillerJoe Chalker 2022/23
No.13 Joe BerminghamNo.15 Lee BirdNo.16 Jamie MillerNo.17 Joe Chalker
Alpha Facilities Management
No. 18 Rowan SlaterNo. 19 Ronnie McLeanJason Goodchild 2022/23No. 21 Tom Walters
No.18 Rowan SlaterNo.19 Ronnie McLeanNo.20 Jason GoodchildNo.21 Tom Walters

The Davie Family

Karen & Kevin Morris

No. 15 Ladic MelconianNo. 23 Ollie MiltonJake LovellAlfie Leach
22. Ladic Melconian23. Ollie MiltonNo.24 Jake LovellNo.25 Alfie Leach

North Stand Ultras

Callum & Hetty

Riley ButlerJordan Olds
No.26 Riley ButlerNo.27 Jordan Olds