Erith Town FC – COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Report




Personnel Required

All Entrances & Exits Within the Stadium all Entrances and Exits must be clearly sign posted with ARROWS for all walkways. All Exits/Entrances must have hand cleaners available. On matchdays all entrances & exit points to be monitored and anti-viral cleaned before, during and after matches. Volunteer/ETFC/ELC Staff.
WC’s Strict entrance and exit signs must be visible. All WC areas must have wash basins and hand sanitisers and hand dryers. Entrance and exit from WC areas must always be strictly controlled.
Anti-viral clean before, during and post-match.
The only WC’s available to attendees are within the Leisure Centre so ELC staff to monitor entrances and exits on all WC’s. WC’s within changing rooms monitored and anti-viral cleaned before, during and after matches on matchdays by ETFC/ELC staff.
Changing Rooms Social distancing to be strictly adhered to. Both changing rooms to be cleaned with anti-viral cleaners before and after matches.
Full signage in all Changing Rooms on Social Distancing plus ground rules on Health & Safety must be provided.
Signage to be installed within changing rooms to direct maximum of 8 players at any one time each to specific changing area within changing room. Playing management to monitor player movements in and out of changing rooms ensuring maximum capacity not exceeded. ETFC staff & playing management. Visiting club playing management.
Technical Areas Social Distancing must be observed in home and away technical areas. Signage in both areas regarding rules. Dug outs and extra seating to be cleaned pre- & post-match. To achieve correct social distancing each technical area must provide seating for 8 people. Current dug outs can be used by 3 people, additional chairs to be provided for 5 more for each team. Manager, Coach and/or Assistant Manager, Physio and 5 Substitutes, in total 8 people. ETFC staff to arrange extra seating and pre- & post-match cleaning.
Match Balls All Match Balls available must be fully disinfected pre- during and post-match During the match any match balls used must be disinfected if they go out of play and are replaced by another pre-viously disinfected ball. pre– and post-match, all footballs used are to be cleaned. Technical area staff to clean all match balls used during play and any used for warm up/training.
Spectator Facilities All Seating Areas in the stadium must comply with social distancing rules. Every other seat must be clearly marked as Not to be used. All Seats must be cleaned pre- and post-match. Match observers to be seated in accordance with Social Distancing. One third of seats to be taped off to pre-vent use so monitoring can be more efficient. A volunteer will be stationed in the seating area to ensure Social Distancing is fully observed during the match.
Standing Areas Spectators from different bubbles (families) must observe Social Distancing. All perimeter rails must be cleaned pre- match.
All perimeter rails to be cleaned pre- & post- match.
ETFC staff & volunteers.
Club House Entrance & Exits Entrance and exit must meet Covid.19 guidelines. All those entering the club house must register their names and addresses when entering the area.
All Areas must be cleaned pre- and post-match. Covid-19 policy signage to be clearly displayed.
ETFC staff to ensure name & address registration upon entering bar/clubhouse area. Strict adherence to government Covid.19 guidelines must be observed, volunteer to monitor.
Equipment All equipment used to stage a match must be cleaned. Equipment must be cleaned pre-, during and post- match.
This includes goal posts, nets and corner flags.
ETFC staff adhere strictly to cleaning all equipment. A Record of all cleaning of equipment to be maintained.
Match Officials Match Officials will be asked to arrive in full match attire A safe area for Match Officials to store the bags must be available.
Club to clean any areas used by Match Officials pre- and post-match.
ETFC officials to arrange this.
All Match Participants Drinks and Refreshments All Players and Match Officials must provide their own Drinks.
ETFC to maintain a clean stadium clear of all waste items. Any drinking vessels left at stadium to be cleared for recycling. ETFC to pay Match Officials by BACS post-match.
ETFC/ELC staff.
Car Parking The Car Parks must be manned by the home club. All cars must be parked correctly and signs to show people entrances to the ground.
Car Parks should be cleaned of any waste items pre- and post-match. Vehicles to encouraged to park with a space between them and next vehicle where capacity allows.
ELC car park has over 100 clearly marked parking spaces but will be monitored by ETFC volunteers.
Post-Match All Clubs must appoint a Covid-19 Club Repre-sentative and his/her name to be on all signage as the Club Repre-sentative. ETFC to clearly display Covid-19 information. Covid-19 repre-sentative to check all pre- match matters. Covid-19 Officer to hold a safety meeting pre–match and post-match review. ETFC to appoint.
Physios/Therapist All Club Physios/Therapist must be full conversant with Health and Safety Covid.19 requirements as per FA guidelines Physio/Therapist must wear appropriate masks and protective clothing on field, to be disposed of in sealed bag post-match. Physio/Therapist and Club Covid.19 Repre-sentative to review all matches post-match. ETFC to be responsible for player’s and spectator’s welfare & safety at matches. ETFC playing management/ETFC staff.
Signage The Club must provide full signage in all areas of the grounds and stadium. All areas in the Stadium must provide full signage on Social Distancing and Ingress and Egress procedures. ETFC fully responsible for all Health & Safety matters. All ETFC personnel to be fully briefed pre–match on procedures. ETFC committee to install necessary signage.
Matchday Programmes Match day programmes to be made available On-Line ONLY. ETFC to action. ETFC programme editor.
Turnstiles Club to have all turnstiles operated by trained staff. Notices of stadium Health & Safety and Covid-19 rules to be posted on turnstile/entry point. Turnstile to have a protected screen between the club official collecting entrance fee and the public. ETFC to clean all entrance area/turnstiles pre- and post- match. ETFC staff. ETFC also to consider a Card Reader for Non-Contact payments
Press/Media pre-ss and Media attending matches. pre-ss and Media attending matches must bring their own drinks/refreshments to the match. All pre-ss Areas to be cleaned pre- and post-match. All post-match interviews to be conducted in a sterile area and fully social distanced. ETFC staff to monitor & supervise.
Matchday Videos Clubs who have Match Video systems in place Where a Club employ or have a volunteer Match Video person the area must be cleaned pre- and post-match. Club to be responsible for all matters relating to video recordings safety & health handling.
Risk Assessment Clubs must supply full details of its Risk Assessment The Club MUST post its Full Risk Assessment on its official website and provide copy to SCEFL. Club Officers to be responsible for the public display of it’s Risk assessment. ETFC Committee.
Players Safety of players pre-, during and post-match. No chewing gum allowed on pre-mises. Kit, drinks, food etc must not be shared. Players to refrain from spitting. Goal celebrations which break social distancing to be avoided. Player personal equipment to be kept 2m apart. post-match players to put kit into sealed bag for washing by ETFC. Players to strictly maintain 2m distance from team mates in changing room. ETFC playing management/players.
Matchday Hospitality Hospitality for visiting players & officials. pre–match & half time hospitality offered to a maximum of 4 visiting officials in pavilion viewing room at Erith Stadium. post-match offered in bar area. League guidelines advise against offering refreshments. Room to be viral cleaned before and after matchday use. ETFC committee/staff.